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When it comes to residential and commercial HVAC sales, installation, and services in Coarsegold, California, you can’t do better than Air Master Comfort Systems.

From sales to installation, repair, and maintenance, we offer full-service, cost-effective solutions for all your air conditioning needs. Our in-depth knowledge, experienced team, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality products have made us the go-to AC service providers in Coarsegold and surrounding areas.

Based on your home or business’s heating and cooling load, the square footage of each room, and the type of window, shade, and insulation, our team will help you select the perfect heating & cooling unit. From installation to repair and maintenance, our technicians will ensure all your heating & cooling needs are met. Enjoy a comfortable home with our selection of high-quality heat pumps from all the major brands in the industry.

Lower energy costs and staying comfortable all year round with our package units—a combination of gas heating and electric cooling comfort systems. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why the Air Master team is always hard at work providing quality installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure all your home feels cozy and comfortable.
From changing filters to cleaning coils, checking burner and cooling operation, and more, our preventive maintenance services are focused on minimizing the likelihood of breakdowns and ensuring you stay comfortable irrespective of the weather.

Want to Know More about Our Services?

How often does a unit need to be serviced?

It needs to be serviced twice a year—once in the heating season and once in the cooling season.

What is the process when maintaining a heating system?
Clean and adjust burner assembly, clean ignition assembly, check heat exchanger, monitor flue draft, test safety controls, and clean and replace the filter.
What is the average lifespan of a new heating and air conditioning unit?
On average, you should expect 15-20 years from a new unit. In a warmer climate, where the units run more often, it is closer to 15.
Why should I choose Air Master Comfort Systems?
We stand out over our competition due to our conscientious, friendly, and timely service. Gary has over 40 years of experience with new sales, service, and installation of both heating & cooling systems.
Do you offer financing?

Yes! We work with HFS Financial (https://www.hfsfinancial.net/promo/62262dd6ae09dc6852068725) , who can get you pre-qualified for financing without affecting your credit score!

How often should you change the filters?
Every 30 days for a fiberglass filter and every 90 days for a pleated filter.
What do you do for maintenance on a cooling system?
Monitor refrigerant pressures, check safety controls, clean and replace the filter, check airflow, tighten electrical connections, measure voltage and amperage, adjust the thermostat, clean evaporator coil (if accessible), clean condensate drain, and measure temperature difference inside the house. Also clean the condenser coil.
Do you offer FREE Estimates?
Yes, on installations.
What type of heating and air conditioning system should I get?
There is no one easy answer to this; it depends on many variables. Cost, comfort, efficiency, and many more can factor into your decision. Each system (Electric, Gas, Heat Pump, Package Units) all have unique advantages. Call us for a FREE estimate, and we would be happy to help you evaluate and analyze your best options.


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